Thursday, August 23, 2012

OpenRaid transmog contest, enter until 31.08 is a very handy website for those looking to do some cross-realm raiding. I've been a member there for a while now, and I highly recommend you sign up if you want to get old achievements done, get your Glory mounts or are just looking to raid. There's pretty much everything, I suggest you take a look. If I recall correctly, it's both for EU and US players, as well.

View the full-sized image here
They are also holding their first transmogrification contest, which was brought to my attention by Aelobin (hugs go out to you for this!). You can find the contest details here, but you need to be registered before you can see that page, so I'll go through the basics over here and help you decide if you want to enter or not.

You can find the rules here, all nicely summed up in a galore of pink (no need to be registered to see this image), or just enlarge the picture to the right.

The additional info given, was:

To enter, please follow the directions listed below exactly. If you do not follow the directions, you will be disqualified, and that would be a shame!

First, you must send the email to the following address from the EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE ON OPENRAID. This is how we match your entries to your account.

Send an email to The subject of the email must JUST BE the category you are entering. All lower case. For example, best female.

The body of the email must JUST BE a link to the image. That means a url link and nothing more. We can only take images from imgur, so head over there and paste the link into the body of your email. NOTHING else can be in the body or you will be disqualified.

Remember, you are limited to 3 total submissions, but all of them must be separate emails. Or again, disqualified. :)

We know that the rules are a bit strict, but this allows us to filter them down very efficiently. Thanks so much and stay tuned for the first round winners! (Prizes will be announced soon, tcg cards and other fun stuff)
The categories you can enter for, are:

» Best male
Hello ladies, look at your man. Now back to me, now back at your man. Sadly, he isn't me.
» Best female
Do you think you have what it takes to be the most impressively dressed woman in Azeroth?
» Best look-alike
Is Jaina your idol? Love to strut your stuff in your best Orgrimmar Grunt gear? Show your NPC love!
» Best group
Share your love for transmog with your pals! (only the person who submitted the picture is eligible for prizes)
» Best photography
Don't feel like just standing there? Get out in Azeroth and beyond, get creative too!

So, that's about it. All the best of luck to those who choose to enter!

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